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I refer to the the memorandum submitted to the prime minister of Malaysia by nine non-Muslim cabinet ministers on the controversy relating to religious conversion of Malaysians.

Whilst not in any way intending to encroach into the propriety or otherwise of such religious conversion, I, do however, wish to register my utmost indignation on the act of these ministers in resorting to such a methodology in displaying their reservations pertaining to the controversy.

Whatever happened to the much-touted "intra-party consultation", especially on matters deemed sensitive to the well-being of the multi-ethnic society that forms Malaysia? The consultation that has always been proudly publicised by the ruling coalition, and, which may have been a cardinal reason for many Malaysians to vote it to power?

And, has the death knell sounded for the concept of collective responsibility by the Malaysian cabinet, a concept which I understand is also practised by parliamentary democracies globally?

Or, is it a case of mere grandstanding by the concerned ministers, taking into account the amiable character of the current prime minister, by whose generosity, if I may emphasise, appointed them to the positions they are in the first place.

I shudder to think what would be the consequences should all ministers and divisional heads of the current coalition resort to similar action.

Please, let us return to time-tested solutions of resolving inter-ethnic disagreements without grandstanding for the sake of peace and harmony in this dear nation of ours.

I propose that all the ministers involved apologise to the prime minister for this improper action and deal with the issue at hand sans emotions.