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It comes as no surprise that the non-Muslim ministers who sent the memorandum calling for a revision of the current laws that deprive non-Muslims of their legitimate religious rights have been ticked off by the BN government for their 'shameful act'. To me, such a preliminary dismissal of the memorandum is nothing more than the political reaction of the 'offended' politicians themselves who are out to please those who voted them in.

These politicians, in whose hands religion has become an ugly tool, act in collusion with certain overzealous religious clerics and exploit religion as a lasso to rope in the masses so that they can stay in power. Nothing more than that.

The truth is that politicians are never interested in improving the spiritual life of the rakyat - they are out to exploit religion with only one motive - to stay in power.

I wonder when the masses will wake up to the truth and realise that they are being exploited, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of these politicians.

As long as religion remains a tool in the hands of politicians, the non-Muslims (or even the Muslims themselves at times) can never expect to get true justice, for who cares for justice in a system that is out to please the 'majority that matters' at all costs? They are always right, whatever happens.

Anyway, let us wait and see whether Pak Lah has enough mettle in him to walk his talk about transparency, justice and fair play.

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