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LETTER | Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

With due respect to you, I hereby wish to speak honestly and truthfully what I have seen and observed, prior to, and since GE14.

First and foremost, I am a believer in fair play - righteousness, truth and justice. I had high hopes in Pakatan Harapan and in you being made the prime minister after the historic victory on May 9, 2018.

I believe all Harapan supporters wanted you to clean up the mess you created in the person called Najib Abdul Razak. You were the right man for that job. However, there are many things that you have done, that are not what we voted for.

We did not vote Harapan for you to sing and dance to Umno and PAS' tunes as could be seen in your U-turning on the signing of Icerd and the Rome Statute. We did not vote Harapan for you to fortify Bersatu by welcoming Umno "frogs" and "toads" into Bersatu.

We did not vote Harapan for Bersatu to infiltrate Sarawak and Sabah. We did not vote Harapan for you to appoint incompetent greenhorns from Bersatu to key portfolios and to saturate the cabinet with them.

The fact that Bersatu won only 13 seats (the lowest percentage) at GE14 is a testament that the Almighty did not want to give you or Bersatu more power than necessary.

Since Bersatu only achieved the lowest percentage of seats won at GE14, it is therefore against fair ethics when Bersatu started to welcome Umno "frogs" and "toads".

Instead, an anti-hopping law should have been put in place and firmly enacted to show that Harapan is serious about abiding by good, fair and sound standards and ethics!

We never voted Harapan for you to venture into another national car project. We did not vote Harapan for you to continue Najib's and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's legacy of harbouring Zakir Naik (and granting him VVIP immunity), a fugitive wanted by India on alleged terror-related and money-laundering activities.

We also did not vote Harapan for you to ban the Paralympic swimmers from taking part in the Paralympic swimming meet scheduled to be held in Kuching (Sarawak). Your banning them has resulted in Sarawak losing millions in revenue. 

We did not vote Harapan for you to reinforce a race-based agenda. We wanted you and Harapan to save Malaysia. You and Harapan pledged to save Malaysia but you and Harapan are doing the exact opposite of your GE14 manifesto.

We wanted Harapan and you to keep your promises to all Malaysians (not just to the some Malaysians of a certain race. Must Harapan put some Malaysians on a higher pedestal than other Malaysians?

We did not ask you or Harapan to champion that, did we? It is the Malaysian agenda please, my dear PM and Harapan. Yes, a Malaysian Agenda! That was in your GE14 manifesto.

Then there is your jumping at lightning speed to defend the police against Suhakam's findings on the "enforced disappearances" of Pastor Raymond Koh and activist Amri Che Mat. How sure are you that the police were not involved in their abductions/disappearances? I won't be surprised if it is the same with Pastor Hilmy and his wife Ruth.

Justice and truth demand that they are found as soon as possible. And besides these four unfortunate souls, is Harapan doing anything towards getting justice for Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Hussein Najadi, Kevin Morais, etc.?

Regarding Sarawak and Sabah, you and Harapan must work at righting all the wrongs done to the Borneo Partners (not states). As long as Sarawak and Sabah are still regarded as 12th and 13th states, as per the parliamentary bill presented on April 9, 2019, this is incomplete and inaccurate.

Sabah and Sarawak never entered into an agreement with the 11 individual states of Malaya. Therefore a new and more complete/accurate bill must be drafted and presented in Parliament again. Harapan must show genuine commitment, credibility, sincerity and strong political will to right all the wrongs done to Sarawak and Sabah.

Pointing fingers at GPS does not achieve anything fruitful except gaining political mileage, perhaps. MA63 clearly shows Sarawak and Sabah are equal in status to Malaya but why are there so much fewer parliamentary seats allotted to these two partners of MA63?

Another question: If Sarawak and Sabah were equal partners to Malaya, why is it that the PM and his deputy must always be from Malaya only? Did it say so in the original MA63? If it did, then what kind of equal status are we talking about?

By the way, didn't the exit of Singapore in 1965 nullify MA63? Did Malaysia exist legally after Singapore left? Perhaps the Borneo partners should go for a legitimate referendum.

I am a believer of and an advocate for righteousness, truth, fairness and justice. Righteousness, truth and justice must stand tall together if we truly intend to save Malaysia. Be reminded - we have to give an account to our Maker in due time.

I expect to hear mature and responsible responses from the PM himself and the Harapan partners, especially the leaders in the cabinet. In conclusion, I write this letter not just to the current PM or government (though specifically, yes) but also to every subsequent PM and government-of-the-day.

Thank you.

God bless Malaysia and all Malaysians!

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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