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Matthai Varkki's letter touches on issues many Malaysians are ignorant of. I suppose those referred to who "hate" Jews do so because someone told them to do so; it is politically correct, from their narrow viewpoint.

Love Castro and love Mugabe and don't forget to congratulate Saddam on his birthday because they are all depicted as heroes here! Many of the people here have never met a Jew or traveled beyond Perhentian.

The fact is that Israel has never harmed Malaysia and its people have no quarrel with Malaysians. It just seems so silly to put us all, non Muslims especially, in this hate-mode against a group or country that has never been a threat to us.

The newspapers that expresses their disdain for Israel do not represent my views and I do not read such papers either. I look forward to the day when a sensible regime in Malaysia will engage Israel and I can travel freely to visit this interesting part of the world - and make new friends.