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I am not too sure who or what made the police report to investigate well-read blogger Jeff Ooi on the basis of "inciting racial harmony".

But what I can say is that if the New Straits Times is not careful, the sympathy, anger and concern that many people like me who over the past few days have expressed support for the NST's right to publish the 'Non Sequitur' comic will be exhausted.

We sincerely believe in what some of your editorials ( NST's ) have said this week. We disagree with the intervention of a (newly promoted) minister in the NST or any other media organisation's affairs. We believe that the NST can and should be a voice of sensibility and rationality. We believe that the NST and its readers are capable of discussing thorny issues without getting all emotional.

I am not suggesting that the NST had any part in filing the police report, and I don't want to believe that it did.

Now that the NST has been acquitted, please do us all a favour. Prove to us and convince us all of what you have said in your editorials this week and last. Prove to us that there is no such thing as the "editor of Malaysian media". And please show us how you "defend the freedom that we crave to report as freely as we can".

Now, would you run to help restore China Press , The Sarawak Tribune and Guangming Daily to their former glory? Would you speak up for them? Would you voice your concern about the PPPA?

The NST says: "But there are also others, some more powerful, who have had their crosshairs sighted on the unyielding editors of the group. Because, simply, these editors have tried to be as professional as possible, to give their readers the news as objectively as possible. And when the truth gets reported, some get hurt. The powerful ones will seek to protect themselves with whatever means at their disposal."

And I totally agree with this:

"But at the same time, let us ponder the fundamental issue - do we continue to be a society where a vocal few, with personal vendettas and less than honourable motives, can whip up sentiments and make the innocent guilty?

What are we saying of our own selves and our country if we allow people with personal motives to capitalise on religious and racial sensitivities to victimise others?"

I think those are good questions you have to ask yourselves, NST . I think your political masters also need to think about those.

Everyone has made their mistakes. The NST should now prove itself why it deserved the support from people like me.

Whatever vendetta you have against Jeff Ooi or him against you, people like me aren't interested to know about it. Show us that you have more important things to deal with than destroying someone's life.