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It is difficult to think that despite being a country that has many firsts, we still have monkeys and apes being employed as Rela members who are no better than the common thugs who will do about anything for money or to please their superiors.

We have a government that has empowered very lowly-educated and untrained people who become volunteers for this Rela group that simply acts at its whip when it comes to foreign workers in the country. These Rela gangsters commonly found in the green overalls trying to show that they are in power when there is some sort of public function in town. With the Home Ministry being so careless in empowering these lowly-educated people to do a job which the police and the immigration department is supposed to do, it is no wonder that we hear of people being beaten up and harassed by the Rela almost daily.

With the Indian nationals being beaten in front of their own high commission, is a shame for the Abdullah administration to even try to apologise to India for this fracas. It is a pity that our government agencies are being run like the mob with director-generals who behave like mob bosses. They will not blame the gangsters under their employ, the men who are too happy to use their fists and legs to get a message through.

The Rela officers showed their mob attitude when they cornered a food court operator early last month and even threatened to shoot him if they are not allowed to do their jobs. After the incident, the Rela director-general has the cheek to say that there was no proof so his officers and personnel were not guilty! With leaders like this what more can we expect of race relations in the country?

Unless the largest ethnic group in the country begins to stand up and question the ruling elite, nothing is going to change in the near future. We are going to be paying, paying and paying. If members of the other races in the country were to voice their discontent, then it might lead to an arrest and incarceration in our own Gulag camp known as "Kamunting".

The Home and Internal Security Ministries have to be blamed for this state of affairs as it shows their glaring inefficiencies in handling the situation in a humane and rightful manner. We cannot let this matter rest, all the eyewitnesses have to come forward and tell the press the real story so that these Rela gangsters can be dealt with by the law.

We cannot afford to have the Rela run loose and beat up the people because they have been empowered by the government to hunt and track down the illegals. We have to have an efficient and transparent system for someone who applies to work in Malaysia. Why chase the illegals when we are the ones who entice these people to come here?

One hopes that the people will open their eyes and ears and vote bravely in the next elections. If we don't give others a chance then we deserve to be led by morons.