Police chopper stunt dangerous

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I was at KLCC last Friday when the Malaysian public held a peaceful assembly to protest the oil price hike. There was a police helicopter hovering over the area from 2pm onwards.

A police helicopter was also deployed during the reformasi demonstrations in 1998 and 1999 basically more for surveillance purposes but also for when the police wanted to cordon off protestors to ensure arrests.

However, the police helicopter at KLCC was doing more than that. It was endangering the lives of the public and the safety of public property by hovering very low between Jalan Ampang and KLCC.

This was done for about five times or more during the one hour of speeches. Those responsible thought they were really smart in drowning the speeches and rallying cries of 'Hidup Rakyat!'.

If something had gone wrong, the helicopter could have come crashing down killing and maiming hundreds of people, police included, besides massively damaging and destroying property including the KLCC towers.

I hope the police will use their brains on this and keep their helicopters at a respectful and safe distance. There are enough policemen in uniform and in plainclothes on the ground to ensure public safety.

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