So, what is the outcome of the gay sex video probe?

Sarimah Sulaiman Sidek


LETTER | After all the hue and cry over the gay sex video, one wonders what the final outcome is.

Till today, the public is in the dark over police investigations while only one person has faced punishment over the entire incident.

I just cannot help comparing this fiasco to the previous one involving Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 and how swiftly "justice" was served.

In that case, the accuser went free while in this case, the accuser was punished. I just wonder how a purported sexual act could be committed by a single person.

Also, how come all those linked with Anwar were detained, including his political secretary, while nobody from the other side was.

Why is it that throughout this incident, the political secretary from the other side remained silent and invisible? How come he never came out in support of his boss?

As a Malaysian citizen, I really want to know the truth behind this entire episode and why was there is no transparency at all with regards to the investigations?

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