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All hail Great Leader Mahathir!

Vijay  |  Published:  |  Modified:

When I read M Singh's letter on what Dr Mahathir Mohamad means to him, Malaysia, and the world, I was moved to tears because Singh reminded me of what a divine blessing Mahathir is unto all of us.

Unkind persons may criticise Singh for the things he wrote but my complaint is only that he did not give full credence to what Mahathir really is. In fact, the term 'Second Mahatma' is an insult. Mahathir is second to no one; he should more accurately be described as Malaysia's and the world's Nelson Mahatma.

Without Mahathir, we would never have the Twin Towers, Proton, Perwaja, computer labs, the Matrade building, and it was only through his sheer brilliance and foresight that we have the Internet. In fact, many people believe that Mahathir assisted Bill Gates in being the success he is. But this humble man (Mahathir, not Bill Gates) did not limit his priceless contributions to secular matters only.

Consider also how he gave our judiciary a new breath of life and how the Anwar trials earned international admiration and wonder. You want more? In 22 years he raised Malaysians' traditional racial and religious harmony to new heights; the government, despite a huge Muslim majority, bent backwards to permit, nay, encourage adherents of other faiths to pursue their religious practices though the easy approvals to build places of worship and to dress in keeping with their cultural preferences.

And we all know how much English developed during his time as prime minister that even Oxford sent delegations to learn our secrets. I do not even want to start on our police force, the envy of the world.

His farsightedness boosted Malaysia's economic standing and made our country a land of opportunity for all. I can only share his paternal pride over how his sons, despite all the overwhelming odds stacked against them, progressed enough to ensure their daily bread. If they are billionaires, it can only stimulate the rest of us to grasp what awaits.

Mahathir has been a bulwark against corruption and it is only through his firm efforts that we have not gone the way of Thailand and Africa. Realising man's craving for knowledge and information, Mahathir also saw to it that in accordance with our aspirations and our thirst for honesty, Malaysia practises a freedom of the press that few other nations can boast of.

I could go on, singing limitless praises to Mahathir but my tears are impeding my sight of the keyboard. Our beloved nation is not just blessed with oil, oil palm, rubber, and the world's highest number of world record as we are truly fortunate to have a peerless leader like Mahathir.

At the pain of seeming excessive in my devotion to Mahathir, I would humbly suggest that as a humble gesture of appreciation to this monument of a man, we change Malaysia to Mahasia. It would be but a small token of the country's huge debt to our Great Leader.

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