Who will answer for treasonous Project M?

Amar Akhbar Anthony

Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

I refer to the malaysiakini report Project M: False ICs for foreigners in Sabah .

I am horrified and incensed at the revelation that the secret 'Project M', initiated by the former prime minister has resulted in hundreds of thousands of foreigners in Sabah, particularly from the southern Philippines, being given valid Malaysian identity cards over a span of decades.

This news stinks primarily in view of the fact that genuine Malaysians, mostly Indians, by virtue of being illiterate and uninformed, have been denied their right to citizenship. A recent report placed their number at 30,000.

These people and their forefathers cleared the malaria-infested jungles of Malaya that enabled rubber production to take shape besides building the railway network in the country. They ultimately perished by the thousands. So it is a big problem issuing 30,000 MyKads to Indian Malaysians but 'no sweat' issuing hundreds of thousands to Filipinos over decades?

And by virtue of these foreigners being classified as bumiputeras, they are entitled to a host of benefits from the government all paid for by us suckers? Syabas!

This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of generations of Malays, Chinese, Indians and non-Muslim bumiputeras and it is unforgivable for genuine citizens to be denied what is rightfully theirs whereas outsiders are given citizenship on a silver platter. The former chief minister of Sabah, Harris Salleh, even has the audacity to ask the federal government to validate the falsified statutory declarations signed by these foreigners to obtain their identity cards. Even Malaysians don't get it that easily.

This government has been too trusting of foreigners and has allowed them a free rein of the country on the pretext of they being Muslims solely for political ends. As it is, Indonesians are squatting on Malay reserve land. What assurance do we have that the Sabah Filipinos are loyal to Malaysia? Now that they outnumbering genuine Malaysians, who is to know whether they would one day seek to annexe Sabah to southern Philippines?

Selling citizenship is akin to selling the country. The former PM created such a ruckus accusing the present government of selling sand to Singapore by equating it to selling the country. With all this filth, he has the gall to question the present government.

Looks like someone has got a lot of answering to do if these allegations are true. And as Patrick Sindhu mentioned, all these characters must be charged for treason.