The not-so-new PM says no more mega-project. We had to cancel the 'crooked bridge' because the government did not do its homework. It did not get the agreement of the Singapore government. We have, what appears, to be a RM1.13 billion bill to pay and yet not get a bridge, crooked or scenic or otherwise.

Now it looks like the government is embarking on another foolish mission, this time to build a crooked sports academy in the UK. The deputy prime minister appears to have given the go-ahead without any agreement from the UK government. Already a figure of almost half a billion ringgit has been quoted as the cost for the said academy.

We have not been told of any real good benefit such an academy would bring forth. Apart from the rather silly reasons of allowing our athletes to acclimatise for 'cold sports' and to be near or in a place of doubtful sporting excellence, are there any real good reasons?

If there aren't any, then we should not be having such a sports academy. What is worrying is whether, like the crooked bridge, the government has committed us to building the said academy already. Will we, taxpayers, end up (like before) facing a situation where we have to cough up more than half a billion ringgit and be left without the said academy?

We are told that the existing Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre building outside London which are to form part of the said sports academy are to be classified as heritage buildings. The site has also been said to be part of a Roman settlement some 2,000 years ago.

Is it likely that the UK government would allow it to be turned into a Malaysian sports academy? The answer is pretty bloody obvious. We had better nip this one in its budding stage and not end up paying for a 'virtual sports academy'.

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