LETTER | Beware of Oct 13

Raken Marimuthu

Modified 12 Oct 2020, 4:56 am

LETTER | Like May 13, Oct 13 has become another date of phobia for politicians. What will happen if Anwar Ibrahim dare proves he has the majority of lawmakers supporting him and the King accedes to the democratic principles that the majority should lead the nation?

Leadership is at stake. Ministerial positions are in limbo. Political dogmas are for a test. Principles and values of good politicians are on the frying fan. Party hoppers are in a gamble. Jailbirds are ready to fly out. Shares are about to tumble. Contracts are meant for review. Opportunists are in the waiting.

“Ye too, Brutus” exclamations will be heard. Promises of old friends broken. The shadows will come to limelight. Revenge will be fulfilled. Frustrations of politicians will be hiked. Amidst all, the poor voters will be lost and stranded. The stakes are so high.

Some will say: “It's ok. I had a shot at the chair. I am in history. I have made the bucks. A few generations will be fine.”

A few will say: “I enjoyed the short stint. It was thrilling as a minister.”

Many will say: “At last I am back to power, and my dreams are fulfilled”.

This is the Malaysian political phobia, a cursed culture in the brewing to destroy the foundations of the age-old institution of democracy where it is the rule of the people, for the people and by the people. Today, it is a leadership of who can pay more to buy lawmakers and who will promise me to give powers, positions, and contracts and free me from the clutches of the law for their wrongdoings.

A nation’s progress is a process. The education system must change. Our culture has to become more refined. Like the Japanese, we must learn what self-dignity is. We must be sensitive to the virtues of empathy. We must teach our future leaders what are values, principles, and purpose of life.

Malaysians must differentiate between nationalism and racialism. They must know what humanitarianism is compared to racialism. Future leaders must know what value adds to life. They must be taught virtues.

Unfortunately, World War One, World War Two, the Spanish Flu pandemic, economic recessions, Covid-19, all these lessons from the university of life have not awakened humanity to search for the true purpose of life. When these events take place, poor innocent people will be fodder to the actions of uncivilized leaders.

We all know nothing much can be done. It is a great process. Our history is only a few years of independence. Still, we are a confused nation. The best part is to be at least aware of the dearth of this deadly development in our country. This simple awareness that the media can awaken will mean a lot to the future of this country.

We pray our country will not become countries like Syria and Iraq plagued by disaster and chaos and confusion.

RAKEN MARIMUTHU is a senior academician and CEO of Zeea Leadership centre.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.