LETTER | Govt must make drinking alcohol in public an offence

Jeyaseelen Anthony


LETTER | I refer to the comments by Patriot today on the recent regulations introduced regarding the sale of alcohol by DBKL which may be extended nationwide. 

Seriously, does this NGO know how many non-Muslim families and individuals have been destroyed because of irresponsible drinking of alcohol? 

For your information, many do not know that the sale of alcohol is regulated in many countries. 

In India in the state of Gujarat, alcohol is banned. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, alcohol is strictly regulated too and only government-approved shops are allowed to sell liquor. You won't find them in convenience and grocery shops. 

When I was in the US last year, I bought a crate of beer of 12 cans and was asked to show my ID, and my brother who is a US citizen had to show his ID for me to purchase it. 

This is to prevent the underage from purchasing alcohol. Drinking in public is also banned in the US. 

However, here in Malaysia, I have seen myself how school kids and men are drinking beer in public playgrounds and bus stops because of its availability in convenience and grocery stores. 

I think the government must make drinking in public an offence. Don't just talk about it, just do it. Many non-Muslim parents and wives will be happy and grateful. 

Alcohol sale is regulated in so many countries, why must Malaysia be any different. 

I feel it's better for political parties like the DAP and NGOs to push for things like banning drinking in public than stopping the government from regulating the sale of alcohol. 

I would go so far as to say any person who has a record of misusing and abusing alcohol like drink driving etc, should be banned from purchasing alcoholic beverages from pubs and supermarkets. 

This can be done by putting in place an online register of such people and making mandatory for such outlets to check first before serving or selling them alcoholic beverages. 

Remember, there is nothing ridiculous in regulating the sale of liquor and beer. 

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