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LETTER | To claim Puncak Alam a Malay territory is irresponsible

LETTER | Regarding the recent controversial prohibition of non-halal products in Puncak Alam, Kuala Selangor DAP Youth condemns and voices our discontentment against the actions undertaken by Jeram assemblyperson Mohd Shaid Rosli to shut down Jaya Grocer's non-halal section.

Jaya Grocer is a well-known brand which provides grocery services to its residents. The brand had even taken the liberty to provide a special area specifically for non-halal products with respect to the Muslim community. 

Jaya Grocer holds a legal permit issued by Kuala Selangor District Council for the sale of alcohol and non-halal products.

Under normal circumstances, it is the state assemblyman’s job to voice the people’s discontentment to the district council of Kuala Selangor and go through the standard procedure of having the discontentment debated in the council and let the district council do its job. 

Instead, Shaid (above) trespasses into private property and closes down private businesses. The act of the people’s representative to abuse the given power is both wrong and shameful.

We condemn and strongly disagree with the statement published by the assemblyperson that Puncak Alam is a Malay territory. 

The act to claim that Puncak Alam is a Malay territory is irresponsible and will promote racial tension at these sensitive times. As the people’s representative, you should not be raising social tensions for your political gains. 

Malaysia is a multiracial country. Puncak Alam is a multiracial community. 

As the people’s representative, it is the duty of the state assemblyperson to unite the people, not to divide. To promote inclusiveness instead of exclusiveness at its extreme. 

It is a disgrace to have a people’s representative that causes racial tension instead of working his best to facilitate the development of the community.

Supermarkets pay taxes to the country. The issuance of a permit for the sale of alcohol and non-halal products depends on the local government. 

It is never the case for a state assemblyperson to dictate what private businesses do.

Zone Jeram currently has plenty of issues that need work and fixing. Yet you chose to pick on private businesses with legal permits at these sensitive times for your political gains. 

You have let down the voters from the Chinese and Indian communities that voted for you in the last general election.

Please respect the 23 percent non-Muslim residents residing in your zone.

LIM YEW PING is the Kuala Selangor DAP Youth chief.  

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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