LETTER | Animal cruelty has to stop

Yeap Ming Liong


The country is battling tooth and nail against the Covid-19 Pandemic and lives and livelihoods are at stake and yet there are still reports in the news and social media about individuals who abuse, neglect and maltreat animals.

These individuals commit their act without any thought for compassion. 

It does not matter which breed or species that animal is from. Absolutely no one should commit such horrendous acts of cruelty to any living thing let alone animals who are voiceless.

What benefit does one derive from committing such acts? Animals are helpless against the cruelty of man. 

Please, I humbly urge all Malaysians to please display kindness and compassion for all animals. Please stop torturing, abusing and neglecting your pets or strays.

There are laws against animal cruelty and there are still certain quarters, who are ignorant or downright evil as they show no remorse or thought for another living being.

One might argue that at times there is a need for taking measures into their own hands for the purpose of safety and health. 

Please note that local town councils via their respective vector control units have the expertise and experts to deal with matters like this. 

Let them handle it in a professional and humane manner.

Campaigns after campaigns to raise public awareness have been ongoing and time and again it falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. 

We do not need to be told to be kind and compassionate towards animals. 

It should be a way of life. Please spare a thought for all animals.

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