LETTER | Allow matriculation students to come back home

Concerned Parent


LETTER | The recent announcement by the Education Ministry states that matriculation students need to stay back at their colleges and continue hybrid lessons. 

Parents and students are worried about the students' safety due to the rising cases of Covid-19. It's impossible to practice social distancing at the colleges.

The students are currently having their final exams and the last paper is tomorrow (Jan 13). 

Their new semester will commence on Jan 17. They should be allowed to go back home and continue their lessons for the new semester online from home.

The safety of the students should be the concern of the government. How can the students study at ease when they are scared of their safety? 

Currently, they are sitting for their exams without peace of mind as the safety of their health is in jeopardy.

So, please Education Ministry, let the students go back home after their final exams and allow them to study via online. Prevention is better than cure. Don't let there be a "matriculation cluster".

The pandemic is not preventable in the colleges nor are the students immune to the Covid-19 virus.

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