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In response to InChi's letter Intermarriages and societal change , it is sad that he is looking at a very small picture. Please look around the international scene as well. With the exception of a few countries, almost all countries practise the same law - children automatically follow the father's race.

I have many friends of Indian father and Chinese mother parentage who are very proud to be known as Indians. It appears for some people, the Bangsa Malaysia argument allow them to forget the real issue at hand - that they are not proud to belong to a certain race.

Many Malaysians who have Chinese fathers and Indian mothers are very proud to go round telling people that they are Chinese Malaysians but when the father is Indian and the mother is Chinese, suddenly they want to be Malaysian and not Indian Malaysian.

One of my good friends once said that she believed it is time Malaysians stopped harping on the Bangsa Malaysia because it will never be a reality in this country.

Just be proud of who you are, whatever your race. Do not try to hide behind the Bangsa Malaysia hype. Instead of trying to forget who you are and your cultural roots, be proud of them and show the world that your race is something you can be proud of.

Malaysians wlll always be of different people and cultures. Don't try to make it boring by eliminating our rich culture. As for mix marriages, let us encourage them but not as a means to artificially create a "new race".

Marriage is solely for couples totally in love with each other. If you are not willing to convert to your spouses' religion, then you do not love that person enough. As for being a hypocrite and converting, you can cheat everyone but not God. You will answer for it one day.

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