LETTER | Saving Malaysia - let's support our IGP

Concerned Malaysian Youth


LETTER | This letter is about our inspector-general of police's recent announcements. This is something more serious than the current political situation or is something that goes hand-in-hand with it.

The IGP’s few official statements for which the headlines were:

1. IGP: More than 5 ‘Tan Sri’, ‘Datuk’ running country’s drug cartels

2. I’m not messing around, IGP tells VIP drug lords

3. IGP claims cartel within police force out to topple him

4. Even top cops ask for money, says IGP

Malaysia should be so glad when Abdul Hamid Bador became the IGP. We thank him very much for being the brave one to fight the war on drugs and corruption within the force.

This is an extremely serious and critical national security crisis and this will actually determine the future of Malaysia. I pray and hope we do not become the next hub for terrorism, be the next Mexico and become famous for all kinds of evil activities but it seems we are heading that way. 

Another thing and I know exactly what I’m saying having been through it, experiencing it and successfully fighting it is the country's drug problem. The true scenario is a lot much worse than what is seen and known. The real facts are that every seven or eight youths in ten (depending on location) have a drug problem or at the very least have experimented with illegal drugs.

This means that the chances of your children being affected is 70 to - 80 percent - this is how serious it is.

Malaysia’s future very much relies on the younger generation and if we continue at this rate, we will see serious mental health problems and the ability of Malaysia to move forward and develop into a good nation. We will all perish as things get from bad to the worse.

There is little hope that Malaysia can improve or get any better if this crisis within the police force is not addressed. We will be among the worst countries in the world. 

Sad to say, the evil force that needs to be defeated may be more than just what Abdul Hamid Bador can muster and we need to do all we can for our top cop. 

Let’s come together to lend him a helping hand. For our family, our children, our friends, our future and for Malaysia. We've got to help him and allow him to finish this job. 

I don’t see anyone else besides our IGP who is more than willing to forgo the tens or hundreds of millions in corrupt money. We are blessed to have him for the good of Malaysia.

By coming together, we will have the power, the confidence and our voice to change the outcome for our nation. If we do nothing, regret is for sure when things get entirely out of control. 

We need a thorough investigation, justice and a clean-up of the bad guys within the police force to restore integrity.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.