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This country is safe and can progress to greater heights as long as MPs like Zaid Ibrahim are around. He hit the nail on the head when he said that politicians took the easy way out to reach popularity by instigating racial and religious issues.

These half-baked and bankrupt politicians are selfish and self-interested monsters who care the least for chaos they will cause the nation through racial and religious riots or disturbance. They work with religious fanatics to support them for the inciting political speeches they make. There are many such fanatics of race and religion around and good citizens should be aware and support fully only leaders with good vision for nation building and bringing in national development.

Up-and-coming young leaders, or even existing old leaders, should realise that this country cannot be ruled by a single race as the divide is almost 50/50. Because of this, the bankrupt politicians and religionists use this weak point as their strong point to create trouble amongst the different races. Stupid statements like "you can have an interfaith dialogue but the Muslims have the right not to participate."

How can then we have a worthwhile dialogue and when the leaders of the religion that represents more than half the population is not part of the dialogue or discussions to iron genuine issues confronting Malaysians of different religions.

We now note that some Malay intellectuals and seasoned genuine leaders who are very much concerned about the large number of unemployed Malay graduates, are talking about real meritocracy and single common examinations thereby removing the crutches that were given to them for more than 40 years.

They also now realise the value of English language which was a political tool for nationalistic politicians for far too long and that brought down the status of the present young Malay graduates who cannot compete in the global scene or even in this country.

Therefore, it should be the hope of all Malays, and Malaysians as well, that more and more Zaid Ibrahims will emerge to think, to reason out and bring rationality to the present stunted politicians and religionists. It is B.Russel who said, "Man would rather die than think. In fact, most do".