LETTER | Let's restore Penang High Court building to its original glory

RSN Rayer


LETTER | The Penang High Court, founded in 1808, is the birthplace of Malaysia's judicial system. It is housed inside a Palladian-style building along Light Street, George Town, Penang. 

To this day, the High Court sits at the top of Penang's hierarchy of courts. 

However, the present state of the old Penang High Court building leaves much to be desired. It is out of bounds to the public and lawyers as well as it has been declared unsafe and remains dilapidated. 

This iconic building has a glorious history that dates back to the British colonial days and I am told that the British used this building as their administration hub once upon a time.

This majestic structure needs immediate attention and urgent restoration and repair. 

I fear the fate that awaits this building especially amidst the present state of affairs and political turmoil in this country. The powers that be may be too busy to look into this matter.

I also fear that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Parliament and Legal Affairs Takiyuddin Haji Hassan may be overwhelmed with other matters and be unable to fulfil and execute his promise.

This promise was made in Parliament at the last sitting in November 2020 to wit to immediately commission the long-overdue restoration and repair works on this iconic building.

Coming from Penang which is famous for its colonial and heritage buildings, it is indeed heart-wrenching to see that this once-elegant building lying idle and rotting in a dilapidated state without getting any attention from the powers that be.

It is my fervent hope that this appeal for immediate intervention and action will not go unheeded and that the old Penang High Court building will be restored to its long-awaited original glory immediately.

The writer is MP for Jelutong.

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