LETTER | Justice for Ganapathy

Papparaidu Veraman


LETTER | It took a few days to digest what happened to A Ganapathy. A similar incident happened in the United States recently.

We are pretty sure everyone is aware of George Floyd. His murder turned heads globally towards – not just racism but – the abuse of power and authority.

The entire world stood up and fought for justice together in unity as a human race, and the cop, who killed Floyd was charged and found guilty of murder.

Justice needs to be brought to the people behind Ganapathy’s death

This case has been officially announced 10 days ago, and there has been no action taken yet. 

We, the community on social media has to make a change and fight for our rights.

Our only message is for every single person reading about our brother Ganapathy, to share your thoughts on this for justice on social media.

Let the word spread. Because what happened to Ganapathy can happen to any of us at any time.

We might have to do the whole process again if this fades off.  

Please do not take this with ease, because things like this will happen to you, me and us one day.

Much respect to all the people and media who are on the same lane. 

Let’s end this injustice as soon as we can to fight against the undeserved with uniforms. 

I truly hope the authorities will take action on the person responsible for this.

My condolences to brother Ganapathy’s family and friends.

Rest in peace brother.

The writer is the founder of the NGO, Malaysian Indian Voice (MIV).

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.