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With regard to the article in The Star titled Chew is all for gated communities , I have to say that the MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Chew Mei Fun, has demonstrated that she is not only oblivious to the real issues of the day, but her opinions are nave, condescending and insensitive, to say the least.

Is she advocating that we all move to gated communities which are basically enclaves for the wealthy - just so we can feel safer.

Shouldn't we, as taxpayers, be able to rely on the police to keep our country safe for all Malaysians? Isn't she just as concerned as the rest of us that her government (I didn't vote for BN) hasn't really got a concrete plan to reduce crime and corruption in this country?

Not only does she not say much in Parliament, she doesn't seem to have a stand in matters that are of concern to the people. We have hardly heard her opinions on PJ issues, such as the billboard issue, the pest control issue (when it was raging), the increase in assessment rates, etc.

And what, pray tell, YB, is your stand on the IPCMC?

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