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As a Chinese Malaysian, I can't agree more with FN's enlightened statements.

Every day, as I step out of my chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, I look down from my gigantic mansion at the kampung below the hill and marvel at how tolerant the non-immigrant Malaysians have been to allow immigrants like me to continue to live peacefully in their country.

Neither myself nor my immigrant parents nor my immigrant grandparents nor my immigrant greatgrandparents ever paid a sen in taxes nor contributed to the economy in any way in the short 100-odd years we have lived in this country.

How could they? My paternal grandfather was merely a rubber tapper, while my maternal grandmother lazed away her days in the tin mines of Perak. My father served in the armed forces during a time when Malaysia was at its most peaceful (God knows why they called it the Confrontation) while my mother was a civil servant.

I also had the privilege of representing my state in sports, not because I was any good but mainly due to the graciousness of the selectors at the trials. Thank God, I chose to come back to this country after completing my overseas education, which my parents did not have to fork out a single sen for as it was all paid for by our generous government.

Every April, I'm almost ashamed to see non-immigrant Malaysians queuing up to pay their income taxes while I am 100% exempted since I'm a guest of the country. Plus the fact that I don't have a single non-immigrant friend nor do I speak a single word of Bahasa Malaysia, and I always wonder to what do we owe this kindness.

Lastly, I would like to take my hat off to our great heroic former prime minister. Despite having an immigrant father, he chose to discard with all the privileges that come with it and insisted on toiling along with the rest of the non-immigrants the hard way and actually contribute to the nation. No wonder he has no patience for the rest of us immigrant parasites.

So to my fellow immigrants, stop behaving like rude guests and be grateful for the privileges accorded to us by our gracious hosts.