LETTER | Why is my 83-year-old mother still waiting for her vaccine?

Joyce Cheah

Modified 6 Jun 2021, 2:34 am

LETTER | I read about 73-year-old Yau Pak Chee who got his first dose of Covid-19 vaccination just two hours after sharing his predicament of not knowing how to register for the vaccination with a health worker at a vaccination centre.

I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he got his shot, but I can’t help but feel how unjust the system is.

I registered my mother for the vaccination via MySejahtera on Feb 28, 2021. She is 83, in cancer remission and has other comorbidities.

I check MySejahtera and the JKJAV website a few times a day, worried that I’ll miss the notification. It’s now June and we’re still waiting for an appointment.

Multiple calls to the hotline are futile as the lines are always busy. And now vaccinations are being opened up for other groups and employees from other sectors. This will further delay the roll out for the elderly who have already been waiting for their turn since February.

Based on age, health condition, and early registration in February, she should have been given the shot already. Why is her status still “sedang diproses”?

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