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Overhaul Putra LRTs maintenance dept

I refer to the letter Putra LRT service pathetic, sad by Radicalhop. Frankly speaking I agree with his statement 'High-tech driver-less Putra LRT but bottom-rung maintenance'.

Maintenance should actually be viewed as a complete system of asset management. Repairs are the outcome of poor or bad maintenance. From the array of predicaments mentioned by Radicalhop, I should say Putra LRT's maintenance department itself should undergo a comprehensive overhaul.

The maintenance manager should be a qualified and experienced 'mechatronics discipline' engineer preferably a graduate from an advanced country such as Japan, UK, US or Germany. Preferably, 60% of the manpower-loading in the maintenance department should consist of personnel well-versed with instrumentations and electrical.

The rest of the maintenance crew could be stabilised with conventional mechanical and civil personnel. We can't simply fire the top management though they are usually a bunch of accountants and irrational business derivative managers probably with no or bad engineering background to start with.

The KPIs must be goals generated in accordance with Putra LRT's attainable missions and visions. Last but not least, maintenance personnel of this establishment should also allocate time (at least 15% per year) for specialised and enhancement training by the manufactures and vendors of the parts used in the LRT system.