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I simply did not want to accept the allegations that Brendan Pereira's article in the New Straits Times entitled How dearly we miss June 6 was a plagiarised version of Detrit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom's Remembering the day before the day .

However, upon checking and comparing both the articles, my verdict is that Pereira has certainly plagiarised his piece from Albom, not word for word, but the manner in which his article was approached, the manner in which the article was started, the use of the phrase 'we miss' and the way in which the article was ended.

While Albom talks about Sept 11, Pereira talks about Mahathir, but despite the difference in contents, it goes beyond reasonable doubt that Pereira has copied and followed the style of Albom without acknowledging him.

As a senior journalist and leader writer of the New Straits Times , the offence committed by Pereira is a serious one. He has committed a serious intellectual dishonesty and brought dishonour on his profession.

I call upon the authorities to investigate the conduct of Pereira and if necessary, take the appropriate action befitting the crime.

It is rather strange that while he attacks Mahathir as the spin doctor for Abdullah, he shamelessly copies the style, words, phrases and approach of another journalist.

Editor's note: The NSTP today announced that Brenden Pereira will end his term of service as group editor of NST on Dec 31. The company said that Pereira expressed his intention to quit late last year and the decision to accept his resignation was made earlier this year. It rejected the allegations of plagiarism.

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