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LETTER | Business as usual for fully vaccinated as Covid is endemic

LETTER | We refer to the statement recently by the health minister that Covid-19 is endemic, and the shopping malls and retail industry fully support and applaud this realistic stance. 

We are also very uplifted that the country’s overall vaccination rate is now at 68 percent of our adult population, with 95.7 percent having been achieved in the Klang Valley.

The public welcomes the vaccination privileges accorded to those who have been fully vaccinated. 

Since Aug 16, 2021, in line with the vaccination privilege concept, the authorities have already allowed more sectors in shopping malls and retail industry to reopen, with special concessions being given for fully vaccinated individuals to shop under certain categories and also to dine-in.

Whilst acknowledging the fact that Covid-19 is endemic, it is imperative that the re-opening and re start of all sectors of the economy should be immediately allowed, especially for those who are fully vaccinated to physically go to work in their workplaces without the need to obtain any more approvals either from Miti or other authorities. 

The fully vaccinated numbers should be excluded from the existing maximum of 60 percent of total employees allowed to go back physically to work. There should be no distinction on whether any sectors are "essential" or not, because of the very fact that a particular sector exists, it is already playing an essential role in the supply chain.

The ability of employers to revive their businesses back to normal and pay salaries will, in turn, encourage spending into the domestic economic systems and create the much needed multiplier effect for overall rapid revival of our country’s economy. 

As well as saving livelihoods, this will definitely allow businesses to re-start more quickly and immediately and contribute positively to the recovery of our economy.

We also hope the authorities can consider allowing all public sector employees who are fully vaccinated to return to work in their offices, ie to mirror the private sector, so that government processes will be up to date and not become back-logged due to lack of employees physically at work.

Kudos also to the authorities for the recent upgrade of the MySejahtera app which now indicates accurate and full information on an individual’s health levels including the vaccination status. 

With this step, MySejahtera will now have the final say in determining the admission of "safe" individuals to all businesses, including shopping malls and retail as per National Security Council’s SOPs, as well as office premises and eliminate all fears of the people to go to work and shop and go about their daily lives.

We believe that the above is absolutely in line with the vaccination privilege and endemic concept and we look forward to your expeditious consideration and recommendation to the authorities and the appropriate announcement in due course.

Please do not hesitate to contact PPK Malaysia secretariat at [email protected] or call at 012-2922667 in the event you require further details and/or a discussion with our industry players.

Lives and livelihoods matter.

This is a joint appeal by the following associations:

  • Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks Malaysia (PPK) – Malaysia Shopping Malls Association
  • Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA)
  • Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA)
  • Bumiputra Retailers Organisation (BRO)
  • Malaysia REIT Managers Association (MRMA)
  • Malaysian Association of Theme Park and Family Attractions (MATFA)
  • Malaysian Association of Film Exhibitors (MAFE)   

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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