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LETTER | Recognise role of professors in development of Malaysia

LETTER | Collaboration between professional groups and professors will result in more research articles involving ideas being produced and, in turn, making a significant contribution to society.

The contribution of professionals and professors, including non -Malays, should not be disputed because they have contributed a lot in producing papers useful in the development of the country, for example upgrading the national education system and repairing the economic structure of the local community.

Unfortunately, their role is only taken lightly by the government and it is assumed that their expertise is only suitable for use in the context of education only.

I believe we have many professionals who are open to imparting experience and expertise to students. It is not the high salary demanded but the space and opportunity to serve the community.

The greatness of a state system also depends on the credibility and authority of its professors.

Appropriate measures

It is time for Malaysia to take appropriate measures to ensure that the expertise of academics in Malaysia is used in the context of developing the country.

Following the statement issued by former Sabah chief minister Shafie Apdal, talent scarcity is not a problem in our country; bureaucracy that has long existed is the problem and that has become a constraint to the goal of delivering services or producing quality services.

There is no denying that bureaucracy is important to ensure that an organisation is well-governed and, in turn, in providing the best services or products.

However, it could, in turn, be a source of stunted growth of the country, especially the economy, sociology and education of the country post-Covid-19.

For example, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education should recognise the opinions of academic experts in strengthening the country's education system, which is clearly lagging behind.

Hidden treasure

Not to mention the expertise of a professor or professional in the field of society should also be given attention by the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry.

I believe that the public has been focusing on the attempts to attract Malaysian experts residing overseas to come back and serve the nation but has forgotten the fact that we have hidden treasure in our own backyard ­­‑ local experts.

Now, their talents and expertise remain a good article without execution. It’s disappointing to learn that the hidden talents in this country are highly recognised by foreign countries and not by Malaysia herself.

MAHATHIR MOHD RAIS is Bersatu Segambut division chief.

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