'Umno is willing to bathe in blood,' screams one delegate while another asks Hishammuddin Hussein Onn when is he going to use the keris. That says it all. I followed closely the Umno general assembly proceedings and I was puzzled as to what is exactly happened and what is the real agenda was.

As a non-Malay I, too, would like to see my many poor Malay brothers and sisters come up in life. I, too, came up the hard way in my life through my own sheer determination and hard work. And I didn't get any assistance from the government.

My many applications for a government job in those days did not materialise though I had very good qualifications. I then took it upon me to come up in my own way with my own skills and knowledge. The advent of the Internet did help me a lot as I gained more knowledge from it by utilising it properly and sensibly.

Over the three days last week, there was constant bashing of the non-Malays by many Umno delegates. I wonder if any of the delegates asked why the Malays are still lagging behind despite all the efforts and billions being poured on them. Are these billions going directly to the poor Malays who really need it, or to the people with strong connections?

I realise that while many of the delegates have good oratory skills, none of them was a true Malaysian at heart, one who cares for the country more then individual pursuits. A rational, sensible and one who is a Malaysian at heart is what is needed in this country. One who fights for all, who eradicates poverty amongst all Malaysians, who uplifts Malaysians of all colours and creed and who makes this country a safe haven for all Malaysians.

It is true, it has now become a them vs us culture and this is certainly going to have lots of negative effects as from now on.

I am very certain that I will be voting for PAS in the next general elections. It is not only me, but lots of other non-Malays will do so too, after being bashed and being taken for 'enemies' by Umno. It is better to vote for a hidden enemy then to be a hypocrite.

So, to PAS I say, get your machinery ready. We will support you in the next election though I am sure I will not gain anything from you either. Then again, I did not get anything from Umno either. It was my sheer hard work and knowledge which made me what I am today.

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