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LETTER | Time for the nation to undergo a political reset

LETTER | We view with deep concern and trepidation recent events in our country which brings to light certain weaknesses which have long plagued us.

Unwanted racism and widespread corruption go against the whole spirit of multi-racialism and togetherness that have been the nation's foundation for years.

It is simply outrageous how a simple act of cleaning a temple could be blown out of context and used to incite hatred and ill-feelings among the people.

This is totally distasteful and thank God for some Muslim religious leaders who were quick to step in and diffuse the situation.

If not for these leaders, the matter could have been manipulated by certain unscrupulous quarters, including politicians and used to stir racial sentiments.

It is high time politicians refrain from using race and religion as a tool to gain political mileage.

Soon after, the nation was shocked over reports that a MACC top-gun was embroiled in certain alleged corrupt practices.

As the saying goes, for every fire, there is a spark and though this particular top graft-buster has apparently cleared his name, the seeds of doubt have unfortunately been planted.

Apart from this case, it is very disheartening for the public to read incidents where MACC officers themselves are charged for graft.

If this is the case, who are the rakyat supposed to trust? It is like a case of between the devil and the deep blue sea.

With such dark clouds looming, one wonders what the future of our children would be like.

It is indeed time for a political reset in the country and also time for voters to look beyond our political cavemen.

Corruption and racism will be passed on from one caveman to another as long as they come from the same cave.

What we need is new blood, a totally new reset where opportunities are given to more women and youth to take on more challenging roles.

We need a "real" Keluarga Malaysia and a true Bangsa Malaysia, not just rhetoric and nonsensical banter.

We, as Malaysians need to have hope in the future and that the fate of our children and theirs will be well looked after.

It is time for parties that truly understand and defend the concept of Bangsa Malaysia to take the forefront and lead the nation to greater heights.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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