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I refer to the malaysiakini report Toll rates: 20%-60% hike!

Once again, we bear witness to the kind of arrogance with which our government chooses to bulldoze their plan of doing anything they choose to, and with considerable impunity. Almost everything they plan and implement seems to have only their interest at heart, and not the rakyat's. And the veil of secrecy behind it all is terribly suffocating.

The recent toll hike is yet another classic case of a recalcitrant government acting on its own whims and fancies. Sure, they have been hiding many things. It all smacks of utter insincerity because the agreement with the highway concessionaires is all kept under wraps. It is for their eyes only and never to be seen by the public.

And all this talk by the prime minister about righteousness and stamping out corruption is all nothing but political humbug and empty talk. Otherwise, why keep the agreements that are imposing a burden on the voting public a secret?

We dare the government to bring it out into the open. But of course, that is not about to happen anytime soon, is it?

It is well known that the toll concessionaires are raking in huge profits. And Works Minister S Samy Vellu, as usual, with complete nonchalance says the government is subsidising the rates. We are not that stupid, dear minister. On the other hand, we've elected you guys.

This recent hike is terribly preposterous. It clearly indicates that the taxes and all the other rates we pay are being squandered, without any semblance of accountability. Enough is enough.

I do hope that Saudara Anwar Ibrahim is reading this. My vote is certainly for you in the next election.

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