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LETTER | Contempt of court: clouded perceptions and growing concerns

LETTER | What exactly is contempt of court? 

The latest conviction of lawmaker Maria Chin Abdullah brings to the fore the growing concern over what is and what is not contempt of court. 

The blurring of our understanding does not augur well both for the judiciary, our justice system and the people's comfort as well as public knowledge. 

Are there no instances of individuals in high office making public statements that many believe were in contempt of court and yet remain free as a bird from being charged accordingly?

When exactly is a public statement to be deemed contempt of court? Or does it all depend on who you are or on which side of the fence you sit?

Speaking up for justice when justice is suspected to have erred - is this running foul of the court? 

When a lower court makes a judgement and later a higher court finds it to have flawed, would one who critiqued the lower court judgement be guilty of contempt of court?

Are we turning the contempt of court matter into a weaponised instrument to lock up freedom of expression?

We certainly need answers. Otherwise, we will plunge deeper into the pits of tyranny. 

I hope some learned law professional or the Palace of Justice can come to the public foyer and help correct any false perceptions of rigged justice and help address the growing concern among citizens.

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