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I refer to the Rentakini report Lina Joy: Crucial test on religious freedom .

I'm a Muslim Malay. This is Malaysia and it is a Muslim country. But in this modern world now, we have to go with the flow. In Islam, we are asked to respect one another's religion, our neighbours, friends, teachers and so On so on. It's so simple. That is what Islam is.

Everyone who believe in God will, of course, defend their beliefs. So in the Lina Joy case, I would say let her be. We, the Muslim community - from one end of the spectrum to the other - have already given our point of views. Now, it's up to her to decide. It's her life, it's what she wants.

We can only pray for the best. If we Muslims think she's taking the wrong path, we pray hard that God will definitely guide her back to her roots. That's for sure. She's our sister but if it's fated, then let her go.

Let's look on the positive side. Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w urged us not to hurt others' feelings or beliefs. We give our piece of mind, astaghafar and it is up to them to accept. As for me, I personally wish Lina would sit back and think. Apart from that, I wish her all the best. No point in us murdering each other.

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