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I read with distress malaysiakini report Bloggers sued for defamation .

I understand that the exact posts in question have yet to be revealed, but it seems reasonable to assume (especially given the list of people suing) that directly or indirectly, this involves the case of Brendan Pereira's alleged plagiarism. The NSTP appears to have foregone an opportunity to let this fade away into forgotten history.

Ultimately, however, by seeking vengeance on this matter, they will only be drawing public scrutiny to the very things that will shame them the most.

The NSTP has demanded the BBC retract their story over the same matter and angrily threatened to sue. But today, the BBC article still stands , and there hasn't been a whiff of a lawsuit against them.

A little too chicken to take on the might of the BBC, they appear to have decided instead to pick on two 'small' individuals and their quest for the truth. This response, that clearly seems to be a desperate last ditch attempt to save what is left of their faces, looks poised to backfire.

As a blogger, I feel that by taking the 'fight' to this level, the NSTP will fail miserably in beating the blogosphere into fearful submission. Instead, they will embolden more of us online to practice an unyielding dedication to truth-seeking that none of today's NSTP publications can dream of providing.

Editor's note: It has been brought to our attention that NSTP has initiated legal proceedings against the BBC involving the said article.