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LETTER | Harapan committing hara-kiri if it allies with Bersatu

LETTER | Having been a staunch Pakatan Harapan supporter all these days, I must admit, I am now pretty disillusioned and greatly upset over the recent turn of events.

The only way I see it now is that Harapan is committing political hara-kiri by exploring the possibility of working with Bersatu in the upcoming general election.

In case Harapan leaders did not realise, Bersatu is part of Perikatan Nasional, which is part of the government and in no way associated with the opposition.

So why are there reports surfacing that Bersatu is in talks with the opposition to be part of their big tent?

Does Harapan not realise that they are going to feel the wrath of voters during the general election if they take this path?

Bersatu at the moment is nothing more than a headless chicken running around without any direction.

They are desperate and seeking any ally to cling on to for a ride through the general election.

Harapan must say no to these traitors. They are in no way part of the opposition and Harapan should not open its doors to them.

I don't see any other party wanting or willing to work with Bersatu, so why should Harapan accept them. Is Harapan equally desperate and will accept anyone who’s willing to work with them?

Harapan must stick to its principles and not forget the whole basis of why it was born in the first place.

Once it is corrupted by the likes of Bersatu leaders, Harapan can be sure it too will disappear from the national political landscape soon enough.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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