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LETTER | Driving: Apply right mentality and attitude

LETTER | Malaysian drivers need to stop normalising placing their toddlers or pets on their laps while driving. This is a very common sight, and it is highly dangerous.

Just today, I noticed a father driving his sport utility vehicle with a toddler on his lap navigating a roundabout. It is already dangerous enough to do so on a residential road let alone a busy road filled with a high volume of rush hour traffic.

This careless mentality and attitude have to stop. You do not need to be told right from wrong. It is common sense. Please value all lives. This means yours and mine. Do not for one second think that it is harmless or that nothing will happen, as it is only a short trip with the toddler or pet on your lap.

We already face a very high risk of accidents and danger every time we drive out. The infamous attitude and driving habits of Malaysian drivers need no reminding. Many are already not using signal indicators, driving with busted heads and taillights and the most notorious of all speeding, which includes aggressive and reckless manoeuvres.

We can and must safeguard ourselves, and this includes applying the right mentality and attitude. There is no need to add to the notorious list of negative driving habits.

I do not need to remind everyone of the imminent dangers that the action of placing a toddler or pet on your lap while driving could bring. The ultimate price paid is the loss of lives. So, please do not throw caution to the wind.

There are suitable child car seats for toddlers and in the case of pets, there are also the appropriate pet carriers. Some will throw the excuse of affordably and convenience. However, a life lost is a life loss. No amount of money can bring back the dead. Please remember that.

Practising safe and defensive driving coupled with the right attitude must be prioritised. It is not difficult, and in fact, it does not even need reminding. I call upon those at fault to stop your reckless ways. It is not too late. Do not wait until there is blood on your hands. It might be just too late.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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