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LETTER | Ban politicians and top civil servants from business deals

LETTER | Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has called out to the MACC to investigate two companies embroiled in the latest expose of how Malaysian companies are relentlessly battering the image and reputation of the nation.

Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) and Bestinet are reported to have been mired in controversies vis-a-vis how they managed to secure government contracts.

Behind this facade or claims of addressing progress and development for the nation, we once again witness how top brass politicians and civil servants have their hands in the cookie jars of easy, quick and tainted money.

How long must we suffer so much humiliation? Our sense of patriotism is being robbed to the hilt. Does anyone not care about our future anymore?

First, Indonesia exposed how Malaysian authorities and recalcitrant employers exploited the former nation's manpower availability.

Now Bangladesh, too, has exposed the greedy, grubby hands of Malaysian greed.

Hello, is anyone ever listening to the citizens' outcry that we cannot let this beloved nation sink any further into the sewers of corruption anymore?

Corruption is getting bolder and brazen with each passing year.

Not only are the court cases on trial ineffective in sending powerful warnings to all those attempting to break the rule of law, it now looks evident that corruption is set to be a political, civil service and private enterprise culture.

I think it is about high time that the prime minister took his courage to the next level of patriotism and called for the immediate banning of politicians and top civil servants from dipping their fingers and hands in the cookie jars of easy profiteering.

And he should also warn that private sector corruption will not be spared easily either.

I plead with our rulers, too, who never failed us, citizens, in reminding everyone of the meaning, value and need for patriotism. Please help us to let patriotism triumph.

Any politician, top civil servant and private industry captain who smears the good name and reputation of beloved Malaysia should not go unpunished.

The nation has entered a crippling crisis stage of corruption. Failing to even admit so is tantamount to being guilty of treason against the country.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

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