Dont fall into the feel good trap again

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I refer to the malaysiakini report Economic situation brews discontent . For the past few days, the mainstream newspapers, which are controlled by Umno, have been dishing out good economic data which shows that our economy is on a good run and good days are to come for the common people.

It seems the stock market is up and our commodities are fetching higher prices in the world markets. But somehow, one gets the feeling that only the elite strata of society are benefitting from this economic boom while the man in the street is still struggling to make ends meets. Let us not forget that in the last polls, the present regime had used the 'feel good' factor to hoodwink the public into supporting them. They are using the same tactics again to win votes.

We shouldn't fall into this trap again. Malaysians on a whole should judge the present regime on their failure to curb corruption, abuse of power as well as a host of other maladies which affect the common people's rice bowls. Ensuring that the economy's grows, after all, is the duty of any government of the day.

Has our economic situation really improved? If the economy is so good why do the prices of foodstuffs, goods and fuel keep increasing? Why doesn't the government use its surplus to lessen the burden of the common people? Why should the government spend a big sum of money to purchase a state-of-the-art jet in order for the elite to travel in style?

Why should the government subsidise those rich toll barons with compensation? Why is that politicians and bigwigs who abuse their power are not dragged to court for their misdeeds? Voters in this country need to ponder on these points come the next general election and think hard about whom they want to elect.

Vote out those selfish politicians who only line their own pockets and only elect those who are clean and work for the people. The winds of change are blowing and we should follow other democratic countries who have voted out their corrupt regimes. Let us make it happen here in the coming polls in order not to suffer for another five years.

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