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Majority on non-Muslim Arabs use Allah for God

I refer to the letter 'Allah' not begotten nor begets .

It is this kind of claim to exclusivity that helps create animosity between Islam and other religions in Malaysia.

Non-Muslim Arabs consider 'Allah' as just a word for God. Being non-Muslims, they naturally do not subscribe to our belief that God neither begets nor is begotten. They obviously have a different set of beliefs as Christians, Jews, Zoroastrian or whatever religion they profess.

Being Muslims, you and I must respect their rights to profess any religion other than Islam. Or if they choose not to practice or believe in any religion at all.

These non-Muslims' perception of God would understandably be perverted and shocking at times according to our belief, just like ours may appear to theirs. To each his own.

Still, a big majority of non-Muslim Arabs, especially the Christians and Jews, believe in God. And the word they know for God is 'Allah'. So what is wrong with that?