You aint gonna take my little girl

Muzammil Daud

Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

I fully agree with PT Tan ( Perhaps parents should boycott NS ). I too will be reluctant to release my daughter if she were called for National Service training (And she is only 3.5 years old now and I am already worried... yes, I am! Very worried!).

I just want to ask the government one simple question: Why does NS trainees have to go through army-style training?

It is a difficult training in which not all people can go through, let alone a 'soft' girl who may never do any push-ups at home (And looking at how my 3.5 years old daughter behave, I think she will fall into the soft type who may not be well suited with the army-style NS training).

If government want to continue with the programme, I want it changed to suit all kids, not just the tough ones. I do hope this will be solved before my 3.5 years old daughter is up for the training in the next 15 years.

Please dear government. I only have one daughter. I beg you...