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LETTER | Patriot congratulates our 10th prime minister 

LETTER | Patriot, in standing up for a united, progressive and harmonious nation, congratulates Anwar Ibrahim on his appointment as our country's 10th prime minister. 

We firmly believe that the time has arrived to re-wire our nation for the better. 

The country lost precious years and suffered, at the hands of politicians in the past, who had capitalised on racism and religious fears for their own ulterior agendas. 

Patriot now calls on all politicians to work with Anwar in his determined promise to address the economy and social well-being of all Malaysians. 

In particular, we praise the prudent conclusion delivered to the nation by His Majesty and the Council of Rulers and urge all parties to honour and cherish that hope. 

Those who are harbouring dissent or are adamant in destabilising the nation's onward progress by scheming political plots be forewarned. 

The rakyat are united in building a better nation, consistent with the wishes of our King. 

The widespread sense of jubilation nationwide should be an indication serving as a warning to any politician not willing to work with the unity government that will be spearheaded by  Anwar. 

The immediate rebounding response to the stock market, the worldwide news coverage on a high note and the personal and official acknowledgements from world leaders that are streaming in are an affirmation of the trust in Anwar’s leadership, which all politicians here must protect and nurture. 

Patriot will continue to monitor and will not spare those out to derail the momentum that has finally dawned upon our beleaguered nation. 

The rakyat are buoyant of a future in the years ahead of them under Anwar's leadership. 

Patriot invites everyone to pick up the pieces and march onward in rebuilding our nation that will no more give any space for racial and religious discord. 

MOHD ARSHAD RAJI, a retired army Brigadier-General, is president of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot).

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.