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LETTER | The scourge of corruption that permeates into the fabric of society is the cause for concern of every nation.

When this practice is rampant, the machinery of the workforce can never function well, unless it is "serviced" with cash.

It's not uncommon to hear people saying "money talks", as only then one can get things done.

To hear about files going missing is not surprising. But, when some cash is pumped in, the files resurface out of the blue, and the necessary issues will be attended to, and cleared in no time.

From "Choo Choo train's 1-way ticket to the blues", as the evergreen song by the musical band Eruption goes, it becomes a "2-way ticket to the blues and back".

On another note, many applications for permits, inspections, et cetera, are repeatedly not approved, citing trivial reasons that could have been settled without much ado. But, the lure of money will immediately absolve all these flaws.

Those facing the brunt of this malaise are the God-fearing, innocent and law-abiding ones, for their files will be placed along the snail queue.

When this practice begins at the top and transcends right to the lower rung staff, it's eventually destined to end up as a norm, since the disease has seeped through the system.

As the adage goes: "No risk, no gain." Many are willing to take the risk as a result of the many court verdicts that go in favour of the defendant, on the lack of concrete evidence and so on.

Good moral values need to be inculcated and instilled in the young so that, at a later stage in their lives when they are faced with a similar situation, the circuit-breaker in the name of conscience will always prick them instantaneously, as a reminder to constantly lead a respectful and dignified life.

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