Transportation woes: Curtin University responds

Michelle Mok

Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

I refer to the letter, Transportation woes in Miri's Curtin University . We would like to clarify some points that were brought up in the student's letter.

We feel that the letter did not do justice to the university's image as it is based mainly on the opinion of the student and not based on actual fact. I would like to highlight and clarify a few of the matters that was brought up in the student's letter.

  1. Students who have paid to live in any student accommodation such as Curtin Village and Curtin Villa is provided the bus service because they paid for the service. As for the students who chose to live outside of the student accommodation, although the students did not pay for the bus service, the university never hesitated to provide them with the bus service. In fact, the university has increased the bus service during peak hours to accommodate the service to all Curtin students. Currently, the shuttle bus from the university runs every 15 minutes.

  • There are plenty of car parks in the university for students to park their cars as our campus is very big and there are plenty of land and proper car park space provided for all students.
  • Senadin is not a rural area as stated in the letter. Senadin is actually one of the fastest growing satellite town development in Miri consisting of 5,000 houses. It only takes approximately 10-15 minutes drive to the Miri city centre. The public bus service here is also very convenient and you do not need to wait for hours for the public bus.
  • The writer is Public Relations Officer, Corporate Communications, Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus.