Better for Johor to phase out dog-shooters

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I refer to a recent media report in which the Johor Housing and Local Government Committee promises to continue 'a systematic eradication of stray dogs through dog-shooting squads. When will the government stop looking for short cuts to solve community issues?

I guess expecting the committee to take positive steps on education on animal welfare, re-homing, to spend money on properly qualified vets to spay and neuter the strays is too much to ask of these pen-pushers.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that it s critically short of dog shooters, the committee should instead think about introducing animal welfare studies into school curriculums and teaching people that they should not dump their pets that will eventually end up as strays.

It should think of hefty fines for those who dump their pets or abuse them. It should stop pet shops from selling animals and draft regulations to eliminate illegal breeders.

The media report also mentioned the ill-fate that befell several of the committee's dog shooters and this only goes to show that God will mete out justice for these poor animals killed. The ill fate these dog shooters suffered reminds me of Shakespeare's Macbeth where Macbeth went crazy because he could not wash away the innocent blood off his hands no matter how hard he tried.

Natural law dictates there is a consequence for every action. Let our actions in Malaysia be positive so that we can reap positive returns for our country and future generations.

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