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Subashini case: Kids should have same choice father had

I refer to the malaysiakini report Subashini's husband: Stop judging me .

It is reported that R Subashini's husband, Muhammad Shafi Saravanan Abdullah, had been studying Islam since the age of 18. That is very commendable. He converted to Islam because of his strong religious belief in it and not due to other factors.

Also, Muhammad Shafi mentioned that religion was not something that you got to know today and converted the next day - or even in one or two years. In other words, he took some time to get converted.

In this context, he is grossly unfair to his two children.

They are just small children who do not even know what religion is all about. Doesn't he feel that it would be more appropriate for them to come of age and let them decide on the religion they think best for themselves?

After all, Saravanan had that choice; why shouldn't his children?