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LETTER | Privileged to be working for Lynas 

LETTER | It has been a privilege to be a part of the Lynas team for the past nine years – a  company with a high compliance work system and prioritising safety at all costs.  

Closing our cracking and leaching plant is an unfair decision as we strictly abide by all rules, regulations, and laws.

Many of us will be put at risk financially from this closure.

The surrounding chain companies will lose their businesses, thus, reducing Gebeng’s economic contribution and tax income other than the operational tax for Malaysia. 

I hope the government of today will reassess their decision and look at the issue scientifically and based on facts and proof.

Lynas has been proven qualified and safe by international bodies and local select committees.  

We, as Malaysians, should feel proud and honoured as our own people, the locals, are able to operate the only non-Chinese producer of separated Rare Earth materials in the world (outside China), which are used in many current high-tech and future-facing applications.  

I really hope that the government could see Lynas as a normal company operating like any other company in Malaysia monitored by the Atomic Energy Department, and I think it is time to put a stop to using us as a political tool.  

We are a Malaysian company operated mostly by Malaysians who have acquired the skills over the years.

Work with us and build a better Malaysia. Thank you. 

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