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I voted for Keadilan in the 1999 elections. Shortly after, it proved that it was nothing but a racist party, with a single-track mind.

I went back to BN for the subsequent elections, but recent atrocities brought my blood to a boil and I started looking for some other party to vote for. I was willing to forgive and forget, now that Anwar Ibrahim seemed like a reformed man.

But a leopard does not change its spots. By not fielding an Indian candidate for Ijok - under the pretense of multi-racialism - it just proved itself to be greedy. There is enough Malay representation in Keadilan.

Indians have again been given the short end of the stick. Nothing new I guess. If the question asked is, 'Can't a Malay represent Indian rights', then I, too, will ask, 'Can't an Indian represent Malay rights?'

I thank my lucky stars that the obvious racism of Keadilan reared its ugly head during a by-election, and we now know who not to vote for in the next general election. If Keadilan had continued to mask their greed, I would have been fooled.

Which brings us to the next point. Who should the Malaysian Indian vote for? Well, neither BN nor Keadilan is going to get my vote. We have to state our dissatisfaction in another way.

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