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Minister should apologise - immediately

I refer to the letter Apology demanded from racist minister.

I am disturbed to note that even after 50 years of independence from colonial rule, we still have ministers who touch on sensitive issues like race and religion.

If indeed Jamaludin Jarjis had uttered those words as mentioned by Dr Sheela Moorthy, then he should immediately apologise before the issue becomes a big problem.

That Jamaludin Jarjis had to touch on these issues away from home - and in a country where the citizens scorn on racism and fanaticism - shows that he has not grown up.

His bigotry will only fuel racial hatred and this is dangerous. As a leader, he should realise that he is playing with fire. What right has he got to touch on colour and 'caste' of the Indians. Jamaludin should thank his lucky stars that he was not in India, Indonesia or Pakistan, or else he could have started a riot.

More often than not, such ministers would immediately be out of job. But, in our country, don't dream about him leaving the cabinet. His fellow brethren will rally behind him and back him all the way. That's the reality of Malaysian politics.

MIC and other Indian organisations should take him to task. I personally will question this racist minister when he lands in Sabah.