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Jamaludin should have kept his mouth shut

I refer to the letter Apology demanded from racist minister .

According to Dr Sheela Moorthy's letter, a Malaysian cabinet member visiting California pointed at a Indian Malaysian student there and said 'she must be a low-class Indian as she was dark-skinned'.

He apparently made other comments about a lighter-skinned human being being 'higher class'.

This is incredible. As an American with extensive and long ties to Malaysia (I have a Chinese Malaysian wife, for one thing), I am shocked and astounded at such behavior coming from a cabinet minister.

Shocked that this boorish oaf would be so stupid as to actually say something like that - and in a foreign country to boot.

Was he possibly play-acting his twisted assumptions about racism in America? I don't care; he should have kept his mouth shut.

From now on, I hope I don't see any more comments by Malaysians about supposed racism in America.

And please, keep the primitive, fascist theories of race at home and do not send any more idiot ministers to our country .