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I wonder what the Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Jamaludin Jarjis thinks of his fellow Malay brethren who are not fair-skinned?

He might even find some 'buruh keras' among his relatives. Individuals like Jamaludin show how far back as a country we have regressed. He needs to get his head out of the hole.

This man at the helm of the science and technology ministry? What a joke!!

As Malaysians we shouldn't be surprised at the quality of individuals we have at the top. This has been going on for years and is unlikely to change.

The reality of the matter is a handful of Malay ministers in Malaysia think that they're entitled to harass and humiliate minorities because of the so called 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

However once you put these 'Tuans' on the international arena to compete, they run with their tails tucked between their legs.

The Malaysian universities' rank in the bottom pile in Asia. In the last 50 or so years of independence we don't have a single Nobel prize winner.

You know why? Because our country keeps producing people like Jamaludin.